Sunday, January 6, 2008

Animals, Animals Everywhere

God has amazed us with His lessons to us through an adopted child. We are learning so much about His plan for us as believers....what a love He has for us (we can not even fathom the extent of it). God's pursuit of us overwhelms us, and we find ourselves so unworthy (and very aware of our unworthiness). Our family is forever grateful for God's redeeming love!

Today, as we share the love of Christ to our new son, we took him to the zoo. He had never been and had never seen animals so close (except a dog or cat). He was shocked...the smiles were everywhere. He especially loved the monkeys, the kangaroos and the talking parrot. The parrots spoke Spanish of course (except for "Polly want a cracker"). It was a great time for us to be outdoors, get some much needed exercise and enjoy our time together as a family.

Jett has NO idea what's in store for him back in Alabama. But, he does already know people there. We've been showing him pictures of his friends and family, and he repeats the names (his pronunciations are humorous). Just yesterday, he asked for "Past-ur Keep" (that's Pastor Keith Stanley at Brook Hills). This morning, he saw a picture of Jim and Donna Houston, and he said "No go Tigers Jim. Roll Tide"...that's from a week of Jim trying to convert our child to be a LSU fan......

We are eager to get our visa for Jett tomorrow afternoon. Then, we will pack up all of this stuff is amazing how much a 3rd child adds to the luggage. Thank you Lisa Mitchell for the loan of an extra bag...we've needed it! We'll board our flight after 1:00 pm on Tuesday and be headed home. We will have some extra work to do in Atlanta, as we will have to deal with a Guatemalan passport for JT, adoption paperwork and a visa. Pray for favor as we pass through customs and immigration.

Our girls miss their friends desperately, and they are ready to get home to their own beds. They have been such troopers, never complaining during this entire trip. We are SO proud of them. Just this year, they have spent 14 weeks away from home either in Arizona, Africa or Guatemala.....what awesome children we have! God has blessed us with girls that we are so proud of....girls who follow after Him!

I've posted several pictures from the zoo today - enjoy!

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Sheri said...

What an amazing journey you have had to bring Jett home. I have really enjoyed reading your posts the last few days. Congratulations and God Bless.