Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Time for Firsts

A 3 year old boy in the house changes things for all of us. We are going through a great deal of adjustments, and Jett is learning what it means to live in a family. He continues to say that we are his new family "siempre y siempre y siempre y siempre" (for always and always and always and always). I love that!

It is a time for firsts for all of us. For Jett, we have watched his first time to....

  • experience the love of a family

  • have a Poppa to play ball with outside

  • play "fort" with his sisters

  • ride an elevator

  • eat in a restaurant

  • get a brain freeze (this was quite humorous)

  • go to a grocery store

  • ride in a taxi

  • wear new clothes

  • take a shower (he loved this)

  • watch a movie with his sisters (see photo above)

  • ride a boat (he did NOT like the "balco")

  • feel air conditioning on his head (see photo above)

  • sleep in a hotel

  • know the love of The Heavenly Father through an earthly father

Tomorrow is our appointment at the US Embassy here in GC. Our appointment is at 7:15 am (can you believe the government operates so early?). Freddie is picking us up at 6:30 (that will be a treat to get 3 children to get ready and eat breakfast and be ready by that time), taking us to get photos of Jett for the application and on to the Embassy.

As a special prayer request, we would like to ask you to pray that the Embassy will issue our visa that afternoon. They are scheduled to release it on Monday but occasionally they make exceptions. We would love to come home earlier but are not counting on it. However, if we get our visa tomorrow afternoon, we will change our flight as soon as possible. It would be wonderful for JT to have an extra few days to be with Jett at home.

We will keep you all posted on any updates. Again, thank you for your kind words on the blog. They mean the world to us. We are so encouraged and blessed by your love and support.


Our Adoption Journey said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with your family. Jett is so darn cute! I love checking your blog each day to see what is new!

Mom&Dad to A & J said...

Love him (he could not be a cuter little boy)!! Thanks for listing all of the firsts.
Thinking of you tomorrow, and praying for that Visa to be in hand so soon.

Whitney said...

Praying they give you the visa early! He seems to be fitting in so well! I love how he hangs on his daddy! and the wearing big sister's glasses!

Anonymous said...

Hey Turner Family of 5!!!
This is Natalie and Beth. We love the pictures and are counting down the days until we see all of you. We will continue to pray for you through your journey.We Love All of You dearly and will talk to you when you get home.

turner.gena said...

I feel so very blessed to have gone from seven grandchildren to eight. I am so anxious to love on my new grandson and to be with the girls, too. This is huge - really huge and I thank all of my family and friends who have diligently prayed and shared in our excitement. Our family is very excited to have a new member of our family - God is so very good and we thank Him with all of our heart. I love the pictures and the happy smiles - but, watch out - little boys really make your life exciting - I know 'cause JT was all boy and always made our days interesting (just ask his sister, Susan). I know Granddaddy John (Jet) is looking down smiling!! My love and prayers for a safe trip to Sweet Home Alabama - I hope to see all of you very soon!
I love you all - Mom/Memaw
Neh. 8:10