Friday, January 18, 2008

Musica Like Jim!

Here are pictures of Jett pretending to sing. He says "musica like Jim" meaning he's pretending to be Jim Houston singing on the vocal team at church. Isn't that amazing that he already has that concept?

Jett is fitting into our family without a hitch. It's like he's always been a part of the Turner clan. He does miss his Poppa something fierce. I explained to him tonight that Poppa was coming home in 5 days....I forgot that 3 year olds don't understand time. So, when we walked into the house, he thought Poppa would be home. I could've just said 5 years or 5 decades in his little mind. He broke out in tears and wanted to call Poppa right away. JT talked to him and prayed with him before bed, so the tears went away. Poppa makes all things better!


dad2aandj said...

So good to see your little 'star' doing well. His smile is infectious. Hope you all are doing well, and that Poppa's heart is hanging in there until he can get back. Praying for and thinking of you often -Tim

Jeff Pope said...

I just love Jett...what a sweetheart. I'm glad he's doing well. He looks great. You have a wonderful family blessed by God. Rock On!!!

Whitney said...

I love the daddy's boy stories. You can see the joy in Jett's eyes.