Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Over a Month!

It's been over a month since Josiah Jett Turner joined our family. What a wait we had for him to become officially ours, but oh, the joy that he has brought to all of us in such a short time. Here's what's happened lately:

  • Jett wakes up at 7:00 every morning (his internal alarm clock coincides with Kaitlyn's) and comes into the kitchen rubbing his eyes to say "Good morning, Momma!" and "Good morning, Poppa!" What a joy! He immediately wants to help set the table for breakfast and finds that using napkins at every meal is entertaining!

  • When the girls are having school, Jett likes to find anything and everything in the school closet to play with. He especially loves the counting bears, the phonics tiles and the Connect Four game.

  • Jett loves to answer the telephone and speak to anyone...including perfect strangers. We have to be careful with this. He will, however, use a play phone to make calls throughout the day. He loves to call Bo, Jason and Regan.

  • He still takes a 2 hour nap every day and insists on using the blanket Regan and Brittan made for him.

  • Jett loves music and will sing at any given opportunity. Sometimes we understand him, and sometimes we don't.

  • Playing outside is awesome...riding his "motorcycle" (thanks Jason and Jenny) is a highlight.

  • He loves to go to church and to see the pastor on the big screens.

We are all enjoying just spending time together as a family. Right now, we are praying for other families who are waiting for their children to come home. Feel free to click on any of the blogs to the right and pray with us!


The Allums Family said...

so glad he is doing well. he is such a precious child!

Jeff Pope said...

very cool...
It warms my heart to see Jett home (for over a month now - WOW) and attaching well. He is just a warm soul and I can see it, remember feeling it at EN, and know God made him and us all that way. Jett it appears just has the gift of showing it better than some. Thanks for keeping Kaia and Mateo in your prayers too.

the Schommer family said...

We are so thankful to read about God's blessings to families. We are happy to read that Jett is enjoying life in his family. Thanks for sharing and praying.

Our Adoption Journey said...

Glad to hear you are all adjusting well. What an adorable, happy little boy!