Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Day in Antigua

Today, we were able to sleep a little bit later (okay, 7:00). Then, our tour guide, Freddy, picked us up and took us to Antigua (about 45 minutes away). It is the former capital of Guatemala - around 500 years old. The streets are cobblestone, and the monastaries, convents and churches are still visible. It is a gorgeous city rich in history.

The children enjoyed the visit especially to the jade factory. We were able to see all different colors of jade (who knew there were so many), watch jade being chisled down to manageable pieces and even jade jewelry manufactured. However, I think they liked the candle factory the best. We were able to observe wax being melted, wax poured into forms, extra wax stripped off the forms and the final product. One of the workers was generous enough to give a new candle to all of them - they were so proud!

Jett napped some of the way back to the hotel because it was right in the middle of his naptime. He likes to sleep and the times are pretty set in stone right now. However, if he gets woken up during that time, he doesn't sleep well after that. So, the nap was cut short today, and he's already off to sleep tonight. He was tossing and turning for the first week but has calmed that down somewhat. He even stayed under the covers and on a pillow last night...that was a huge improvement.

We've seen so many changes in Jett over the past 10 days. God is working in and through him (and us) to mold our hearts and minds to be more like Him. Jett has a lot of adjustments to go through, and we'll blog more about those when we get home. He was not treated well in the first orphange he was in (in Guatemala City) so we're dealing with some deep issues. God is using this time to teach us unconditional love, patience and perseverance. I'm blessed to know women who have walked this road before me and will walk along beside me.

God has been so good to us, and we are daily thankful for His provision and His timing. There were times when we just didn't understand and times when we wanted to give up the process. However, as He declares in 2 Timothy 2:13, He is faithful even when we are not. Thank you Father for your unfailing faithfulness!

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