Sunday, January 6, 2008

Papa's Heart

I know Sheryl posted a great blog about our day already. I thought though I have not posted very much and everyone else is in bed. Sheryl took some meds and went to sleep early tonight after another succesful dinner out using our newly learned language. Jett and I watched a Pooh dvd and he slowly wound down...that takes a while these days. Kaitlyn and Madison watched a dvd and then quickly hopped into their sofa bed and are already out. Jett is still tossing around a bit but will be out soon. I on the other hand will be up for a while. Two cups of coffee at dinner tonight and a heart full of new stuff is keeping me up.

I first must again share with you all about how amazing Sheryl is. She has been the driving force behind the paperwork and all the necessary stuff for the adoption. She somehow is able to keep it all in order and complete. Tomorrow we face the last of the Guatemala side of this process as we receive Jett's visa to the USA! Sheryl has also been the constant example of open and willing to learn as her Spanish has come so far in such a short time. She is able to communicate with most anyone here. It is rough broken words but they all seem to understand and respond. I am learning as much as I can but she has overwhelmed us all with her ability to pick it all up.

This whole language issue has been on my heart for some time. Last August while in Africa I felt the Lord impressing upon me to open up to the world and learn languages. I am a very slow learner and need lots of practice and practical application. Well, boy did I get my wish. Right in my own family now is a language teacher! Jett is so good with helping us work out words. I have already learned so much from him and am eager to learn more. I have been humbled by this little boy who seems to already know more English than his father knows Spanish. Each night to hear his little voice call out to me "Ora Papa, Ora," my heart leaps as he asks me to pray before we sleep. Today he asked me to pray before his nap and I left the bed feeling as if I were really extending the love of the Father to this amazing little man whom God had placed in my care.

Wow, never before have I fully grasped the truth of our role as parent until today. I am the extension of the Heavenly Father and here to teach and lead as one who is pointing to the One Father who can provide all that we need. I am so overwhelmed and humbled that the Father would choose me to be His example to this most extrordinary child who will one day reach the nations! We as parents have but a few short years to pour into these precious lives given to us to train and teach. The father then will lead them out into the world to extend to the rest of man the hope and peace found in the personal relationship found only in Him! WOW...I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who knows what He is doing...Lord please help me do as you would do, speak as you would speak and love as you would love!

In the midst of it all I am coming full circle with the adoption issue. I am beginning now to grasp the lesson of adoption in relation to my own personal relationship with God. The two years of working out this adoption have given me time needed for developing my own heart and mind to know and understand how a loving perfect Father chose to scoop me up from the abandonment of sin and deliver me to a home of hope found in His hands. This entire process has opened my heart up to the fact that I am orphaned and alone without Him...lost and undone...fighting to survive against the odds and somehow, God smiled and opened His arms of love and welcomed me in when He had no need for me...simply love that comes without end or condition.

To all of you who are reading this who are wondering where I am going with all this...well here is the point. We are given clear indication in James 1:27 that the Father's heart is bent toward those who are following after His heart in caring for the orphans. Yes, I know that orphans are only part of those mentioned in this passage, yet orphans are those who have no other person to care for them. I would challenge each of you reading this blog to consider how you can care for the orphans of this world? Two years ago I was fine with foster parenting. Before that I was completly fine with the two precious girls we had been given. Now, 2008, I realize we are all orphans seeking a family to call ours. The only peace that will come is that found in the peace provided through a family grounded in the truth of His Word and a Father who will never disappoint or forget. I will follow His heart to adopt every time He opens the door from every country I step foot in as long as I live. There is no reason why I should not open my life up for the blessing and the opportunity to bless by raising the next generation of world changers in my own home. If I believe this world needs a great spiritual awakening, and I do, then I need to be about providing an avenue for those who will bring it about. Let's work together to raise up a new generation of warriors in the Kingdom that speak the languages of the world and reach the least of them in His name until He returns!

I appreciate so much the prayers offered up to the Father on our behalf and would say to each of you who have been and are continuing to pray for us, Thank you! I have felt the prayers each night as I rest with confidence in my King who is watching over us. I feel them every time I wonder am I doing the right thing with this child as we teach and grow. I feel them every day as we walk the streets of this city and know that My God is a shield about us because you are interceding for us! Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Thank you for praying even when no one knows it is you who is lifting us up. For all of you who daily call our names out to the Father and never tell anyone, not even us, thank you for keeping us going and strong in His strength.

To our family and friends, this is a road that is just beginning and will be a life-long journey of trust and character building. Thank you for your patience and understanding as well as your unwaivering support. For those who stand firm in the gap and never let down your guard, for each of you who continue to step in and fill the needs and handle the issues along side us, for all of the encouraging words and listening ears...Thank you and I pray God's richest blessings on you all!

Until tomorrow or until we are all home, good night all!

In His Grip,

JT "Big Daddy" better known these days as PAPA!


The Allums Family said...

WOW- Amazing! God is Amazing! The example among your family is amazing! God is doing great things. To God be the glory!
I pray you have a safe trip home and let the new chapter begin..

BHILL said...

Thank you JT. As I sit in the early stages of this process and go from frustrated about delays to lazy with paperwork to ready to jump on a plane, I needed to hear the words from an honest friend who is walking this journey many steps ahead of where I am. I love you brother and hope to meet Jett soon! And introduce him to a little Russian princess!!

Brian Hill

Amy said...

What a post! Straight from a Papa's heart!

I had to smile as I read the part about Jett and the language. We were at EN this summer and we would often use him as a little interpreter. He has such a bright spirit and a tender, fun-loving heart.

Welcome Home Tuesday!