Friday, January 4, 2008

Embassy Day!

Today, we all got up early and met Freddy in the hotel lobby to get to the Embassy. We stopped first at a nearby photo "shop" and got some visa photos made. Of course, Jett looked adorable and even smiled so early in the morning!

Then, off to the Embassy where there was a lot of waiting. First, we waited in a line outside just to get in to the Embassy. We had to go through security. Since we've traveled a great deal, we knew not to take anything other than what was necessary. So, we had a notebook, some money, our passports and some important documents. We saw several new parents with stroller, gigantic toy bags plus diaper took a while for them to get through the screening. We are grateful for the lessons learned along the way.
Then, we waited inside with about 20 other sets of parents for the 7:15 am appointment time. About 8:30, we were asked to come into a room with a lady behind a glass pane. She asked us three questions and that was it. Then, more waiting. We were assigned number 13 in line. At about 10:20, we finally got called. Just a few more questions and some signatures. No change in the visa's readiness. So, our original plan stands. We'll be home on Tuesday around 8:00 on a Delta flight out of Atlanta.
Tomorrow we are going to Antigua to explore the city. The children are all looking forward to being out of the hotel for a while. Then, we'll go to the zoo on Monday. Then, home on Tuesday! Praise be to the Father who has guided every step of this process. He has been and is in control. We submit our will and desires to His. To Him be all the glory!
PS The first picture above shows Jett's ability to be dramatic. He can make so many faces, and they melt my heart. He is amazing!


Anonymous said...

You guys will love Antigua and I know the kids will love the zoo. We miss all of you so much already and cant wait for you to return home. Enjoy your precious time as a family.
Lala and Rick

Whitney said...

Praying you all have a few more sweet days in Guat as a family!

Anonymous said...

We miss you all so much and can't wait to see you! We are praying for you everyday. What an amazing thing - to watch God answer all of our prayers before our eyes - words are not enough -
Enjoy your alone time as a family - See you soon -
The Stewarts

Anonymous said...

Dai Dai (a.k.a. Kaitlyn),
I am SO SO happy that you finally got your baby brother! I cannot WAIT to meet the little dude. I'm sure you all (including Jett!) are excited. Tell the rest of your family (including Jett!) that I say hi.
Luv and Pinkness,
P.S. DO NOT tell Jett I am a loco mono.

Anonymous said...

Hi Madison! I miss you so so so so so so so much! I heard you miss me too! I'm just here to say hi and enjoy your family of five!

Jana said...

J.T. and Sheryl,
Again,your blog and pictures have brought me so much joy today. Please pray for the Graces. They some difficulty with the Visa today in Ukraine. Pray all goes well so they can return to the U.S. on Sunday. We will know tomorrow. I can not wait to see all of you together.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am so glad you have another child with acting ablilities. :)I'm sure Jett and Madison are going to keep you laughing. I hope that you have fun at the zoo tomorrow. This will be a great experiance for Jett.

God bless you!