Monday, January 7, 2008

Flight Plans and .....In Honor of Bo!

This is our last post before coming home tomorrow. How exciting for all of us. Just this evening, Jett watched an airplane depart from the GC airport (we have a great view of the runway from our room) and said "Ayer, Alabama" (Tomorrow, Alabama). We couldn't agree more!

For those of you family and friends who wish to meet us at the aiport, here's the flight plan! We will come into Birmingham on Tuesday at 8:03 on Delta flight 1607. We are SO ready to be home....we long to commune with our family and friends again!

And, in honor of our friend Bo, I've posted a picture of JT and Jett playing the new Guatemalan drum that was bought in Panajachel! Bo, it was a mini drum circle right here in GC. You would be so proud!

We are eager to see you all. We love you and thank you for your encouraging words and support!


Our Adoption Journey said...

Have a safe journey home tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Jett - You got a haircut! Rick and Lala cant wait to see you in Alabama. Safe Travel to your new home.

Anonymous said...

dude! That was incredibly quick compared to Eastern Europe. Seems from the photos that the weather is nice, also. How awesome! Can't wait to meet your new son. So happy for you guys. We know its been a long time coming. Travel safe guys.

Chris and Gina

Whitney said...

Praying for uneventful travel today and a wonderful homecoming!

David and Marianne said...

We met via e-mail months ago when you found my journal on journey to me : ) Been keeping up with your blog and absolutely thrilled for you as you bring your son home today! Praise the Lord! Praying adjustments will be joyous and so rewarding!


Sara said...

It is nice to meet you and I am so happy for your family to be bringing Jett home. Gives hope to all of us waiting